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It’s pretty simple. Investing in a modern, sleek and responsive website is vital for any business to thrive. There are plenty of DIY website templates out there, but if you really want your site to stand out from the crowd and remain an ever-evolving professional website, choose Orlin Technologies. We know how to design and develop websites for all business, corporate and eCommerce goals. Don’t leave it to chance. Invest for success.


Users access the internet on all types of mediums, so your website needs to be able to be seamlessly accessed across all devices, including desktops, tablets and mobile phones. Having a single website that will automatically adjust to fit to a variety of device screens is a must. Our web developers ensure every user gets the same flawless experience no matter what device they use.

CMS Solutions

A Content Management System (CMS) is the savvy way to manage your website. A CMS is an application that puts instant control of a website’s content in the user’s hand. It’s an invaluable tool that will allow collaborative, responsive and real time management of your digital content.

There are so many benefits utilising the right CMS for your business.

Power to you

Take control of your website’s content. From uploading new content to editing existing text and graphics – it’s easy and straight forward. You become your website’s master. Do you have a multi user site? CMS is also the best solution to manage user permissions and keep your website’s integrity secure.

Rebrand and Redesign

Since websites with a CMS are designed on a separate platform to the content, you can easily rebrand or redesign your site with ease.

Maximise SEO

Being seen is what your website is all about. CMS simplifies your ability to implement search engine optimisation and enables you to manage content, social media and user experience quickly and efficiently to ensure you’re being seen in search engine results.

A great Content Management System should grow with your business and be a flexible tool to support your company. Choosing the right CMS will depend on your website type, such as a blog spot, online store or business website. Let us implement the right choice for your business while you sit back and reap the rewards.


For the longevity of your business, it is crucial that your eCommerce website is responsive, user-friendly and works 100% of the time. Online shopping needs to be engaging and attractive to the customer while being equally seamless to update, secure and manage.

Creating the right eCommerce site involves combining a creative flair with rigorous structural integrity principles.

E-Commerce website ‘must haves’:

  • A visually appealing website to engage your target customer
  • Logical and user-centred navigation, catalogue and search tools
  • A secure payment portal to suit your product or service
  • Search engine optimisation to maximum visibility to search engines
  • Easy interface for updating products, offering promotions and editing content
  • Tools for ease of stock management and client databases

We know your online store is a vital part of your brand, so we’ll work with you to create the perfect eCommerce environment that will keep your business thriving.


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